custom Maps in html

So, to start off, there are many ways to display a map on your website and make it look good, but I still found a way how to make it yours and individual:

  • you can have your own pin icon
  • you can add pictures to your Map
  • you can add html codes to it!

Seems awesome huh? Well let’s get started:

what you need:

  • a google account
  • intelligence

how to:

  1. save the map you want and add it to your places
  2. then click on the red EDIT button
  3. click on the pin and edit it to your needs (note: you can insert pictures, html codes and other things into it!”
  4. when you done click on save and done
  5. click on the “link” button (right image) and then on “customize and preview embedded map”
  6. You’re done! just insert the html code into your Website.
  7. (Tipp…Google has made the maps not scrollable by default, but you can change them in the code at scrolling=”no” to “yes”

here the example of a san francisco map with scrolling enabled:


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